The first access to the building is through the pin code that we have given you.

Self-checkin and Key (access card)

When you enter the building on the right hand side you will find a self service kiosk machine for self checkin. Follow the steps below:

1- Select Self-Checkin

2- Indicate that you do have a reservation by pressing the “YES” option.

3- Enter the reservation locator number that we have provided you.

4- Follow the instructions to complete the self-checkin (the ID card or passport is introduced with the photo facing upwards).

5- Pick up the key given to you by the self service kiosk machine. This key is used to open the apartment and to activate electricity and water supply. It is also used to open the entrance door and to access the swimming pool during the duration of your reservation.

Swimming pool hours: 10:00 AM to 00:00 PM


Sistema de Auto Chek-in en Apartamentos Loliqui


Do not forget to checkout at the self service kiosk machine and deposit your card before your departure.

Thank you very much, we hope you enjoy your stay!

Hospedaje en Alicante con piscina al aire libre durante todo el año - Apartamentos Loliqui

At the apartment

Place the card in the locker next to the door and the electricity and water supply will be activated. Check that all the automatic switches are activated in the electrical panel so that everything works correctly.

Air conditioning

  • Power button: to turn on
  • Mode button: with this button you can select the different types of modes you have. (by pressing you can decide if you want auto, cool, dry, heat or fan).
  • +/- Button: to adjust the temperature
  • Fan Speed button: to adjust the fan speed

Hydromassage bathtub

The instructions are in the apartment, it is very important not to turn it on until it is full, verifying that the water level is above all the water outlets.